Aerosol Indirect Effect on Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate

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Aerosol Indirect Effect on Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate

Abstract: The net effect of anthropogenic aerosols on climate is
usually considered the sum of the direct radiative effect of
anthropogenic aerosols, plus the indirect effect of these aerosols
through aerosol-cloud interactions. However, an additional impact of
aerosols on a longer time scale is their indirect effect on climate
through biogeochemical feedbacks, largely due to changes in the
atmospheric concentration of CO2. Aerosols can affect land and ocean
biogeochemical cycles by physical forcing or by adding nutrients and
pollutants to ecosystems. The net biogeochemical effect of aerosols is
estimated to be equivalent to a radiative forcing of –0.5 ± 0.4 watts
per square meter, which suggests that reaching lower carbon targets
will be even costlier than previously estimated.



A slightly longer description, seeming from the author, is at:

This “new” forcing is not something we need, obviously, so it will be
interesting to see what follow-up work and commentary this paper

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