Michael Tobis

Michael Tobis

Michael Tobis, editor-in-chief of Planet3.0 and site cofounder, has always been interested in the interface between science and public policy. He holds a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences where he developed a 3-D ocean model on a custom computing platform. He has been involved in sustainability conversations on the internet since 1992, has been a web software developer since 2000, and has been posting sustainability articles on the web since 2007.

Recent Articles

Public Perception of Climate Change and the New Climate Dice

Public Perception of Climate Change and the New Climate Dice
James Hansen, Makiko Sato, Reto Ruedy

Summary. Should the public be able to recognize that climate is changing, despite the notorious variability of weather and climate from day to day and year to year? We investigate how the probability of unusually warm seasons has changed in recent decades, with emphasis on summer, when changes are likely to have the greatest practical effects. [more]

Uncertainties in Global Climate Change Estimates

by Elizabeth Paté-Cornell

Climatic Change
Volume 33, Number 2, 145-149, DOI: 10.1007/BF00140245

Full text (PDF format) available.


“The models used in the assessment of the effects of global climate change are based on limited knowledge of the fundamental phenomena, for instance, the role of the clouds and of the oceans (IPCC, 1996). [more]

Donner et al 2011: Preparing to manage climate change financing

Donner SD, Kandlikar M, Zerriffi, H (2011). Preparing to manage climate change financing.

Science, 18 November 2011:
Vol. 334 no. 6058 pp. 908-909
DOI: 10.1126/science.1211886

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At the 2010 Cancun Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the international community agreed in principle to one of the largest development programs in history. [more]

Aerosol Indirect Effect on Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate

via Lou Grinzo:

Just spotted this (http://www.sciencemag.org/content/334/6057/794):

Aerosol Indirect Effect on Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate

Abstract: The net effect of anthropogenic aerosols on climate is
usually considered the sum of the direct radiative effect of
anthropogenic aerosols, plus the indirect effect of these aerosols
through aerosol-cloud interactions. However, an additional impact of
aerosols on a longer time scale is their indirect effect on climate
through biogeochemical feedbacks, largely due to changes in the
atmospheric concentration of CO2. [more]